Diabetic Shoes

Diabetes shoes help prevents neuropathy associated with diabetes. Come in to find out more!

The Sweet Spot Diabetes Class

Cecil's Pharmacy has cancelled until further notice diabetes education class. Each month will cover a different topic that relates to managing your diabetes.

Contact Cecil's Pharmacy at 801-768-4244 to inform us of your interest. If interest picks up again I may start doing it again.

Sample Curriculum

January - High and Low Blood Sugar, Sick Days
February - Losing the Holiday Pounds
March - The 10-Minute Workout Plan
April - Your Heart and Kidney Medications
May - Carbohydrate Counting
June - Complications of Diabetes
July - Losing Weight the Smart Way
August - The Plate Method
September - Reducing your Heart Risk
October - Navigating the Insulin Maze
November - Sweet Spot Cooking 101
December - Medicines 101